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If you want to watch the latest movies for free on your Android device, there's no need to look for pirate sites—it's enough to download the Popcorn Time app in apk file format from our website. You will be able to enjoy the newest movies in the best quality on a streaming safe service, which is compatible even with Windows.

Features and Capabilities

The comprehensive set of features in Popcorn Time has made this app the most sought-after assistant program for those who want to watch not just movies but to marvel at high video quality, much like in a cinema. Of course, Popcorn Time won't extend your device's screen to a full-scale cinema display, but the HD picture will delight even the most discerning user. The functionality of Popcorn Time operates within the app, so there's no need to download the movie directly to your device—the service provides free access to HBO and Netflix.

The capabilities of the app are unlimited—a fully customizable panel facilitates editing and personal video settings, and fast content downloading into the app allows you to enjoy movies and channels in offline mode.


  • high-quality video with no limits in personal settings and editing;
  • a recommendation feed that is tailored to the user based on their recent preferences;
  • the search system allows you to find any movie, channel, or stream through the app, making it possible to connect to viewing at any time;
  • Popcorn Time includes group watching with an online chat and a sort of private cinema for up to ten people, just copy the link to the online room and send it to your friends;
  • subtitles can be turned on for any movie, series, or broadcast, and you can also edit the subtitle playback language;
  • a pleasant interface, translated into many languages, provides users with a pleasurable interaction with the menu;
  • low system requirements allow Popcorn Time to work without crashes and bugs on any mobile device;
  • there is no need to download additional updates every time the developer introduces them since the app updates automatically, filling up with new tools for operation.


  • the app contains advertisements, which can sometimes disrupt viewing;
  • on some devices, there is a bug where the app widget is not displayed on the home screen.

Popcorn Time is a simple and free way to enjoy any movie, and its built-in tools for editing high-quality imagery make any viewing experience slightly better than in a cinema.

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