Facebook Messenger Lite


Facebook Messenger Lite is a version of Facebook Messenger designed to use less data and perform faster on Android devices. It includes core Messenger features such as sending messages, photos, audio, stickers, and making voice and video calls. However, it lacks some advanced features like group calls and animations. It is compatible with many smartphones and tablets, even older versions of Android. You can download it from our APK file service.

Features and Capabilities

  • Text Messages:
    You can easily send text messages to any Messenger or Messenger Lite user.
  • Photo Sharing:
    Share photos with friends and family.
  • Link Sharing:
    Send web links to others.
  • Stickers:
    Express yourself with stickers.
  • Video Chat:
    You can even have video chats with your contacts.
  • User Interface
  • Works Everywhere:
    Even in areas with slow or unstable internet connections, Messenger Lite remains functional.

Differences between Messenger and Messenger Lite:

  • In Messenger Lite, you can see your recent conversations and active users. This tab does not allow you to search for contacts or start new conversations.
  • To start a group chat, you need to use the plus icon in the corner of the display.
  • The "Contacts" tab in Messenger Lite is simple, displaying a list of people using Messenger.
  • Unlike the standard app, it includes options to view friend requests and all Facebook friends in alphabetical order.
  • The "Account" page offers a reduced set of settings compared to the original service.
  • Lacks a QR scanner for link sharing, also lacks the ability to change the account nickname, there's no Stories mode, and no feature for creating secret chats.
  • No QR code scanning for friends, no user name editing, no Stories settings, and no access to secret conversations.


  • Device Memory Saving:
    The app is a more economical alternative with a reduced functional format.
  • Data Usage Economical:
    As with the lighter app weight, it consumes significantly less data.
  • Easy to Use:
    Messenger Lite has a simpler and more intuitive interface.
  • Integrated Chat:
    The chat is integrated directly into the applications, giving users a wider range of freedom and a more comfortable service operation.


  • Limited Features:
    Messenger Lite lacks some features available in the standard Messenger, like creating chat rooms.
  • No Stories:
    Messenger Lite does not have the “Stories” feature available in standard Messenger.
  • No Automated Messages from Brands:
    Messenger Lite does not support brand automated messages.
  • No Access to Secret Conversations:
    Messenger Lite does not provide access to secret conversations.

Facebook Messenger Lite is a downsized version of the standard Facebook Messenger app, developed to be less resource-intensive. It's the perfect option for those looking to conserve data or who have a low-speed connection.

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