There are not many free programs in the "Business and Productivity" category that guarantee safe use and productive collaboration. In search of a decent pocket assistant, users turn to dozens of unscrupulous websites, while with APPIX360 you can download Umag for free - a universal solution to all business problems and the opportunity to implement even the most daring ideas.

Umag is a personal program for entrepreneurs who own a range of their own stores. It doesn't matter if the stores are located all over the world - with Umag, quality control of products becomes a breeze, literally at the touch of a finger. The app's thoughtful functionality makes it an indispensable assistant for both inexperienced users and advanced businessmen.


Umag provides a significant amount of information to the store owner, including the following details:

  • product acceptance process (and when adding a bonus item, you can enter the discount amount);
  • product audit;
  • product write-off and assortment change (the warehouse has a function to display the history of its filling changes);
  • full product reports.

How to use

Umag is downloaded from the aforementioned website in apk file format, which does not require any additional unpacking - the application can be opened directly from downloads or installed from a file.

When first entering Umag, it will request mandatory registration, check the documents for compliance, and ask to confirm the validity of the contact information. These procedures are necessary to establish whether a specific person is really the owner of a certain company.

After successful registration, the user will have access to all the functional capabilities of Umag. A pleasant visual bonus is the map of stores, which resembles a game - the network of stores is located in a certain territory, and the user can "enter" each of them by pressing the screen.

Who is the application for

For people who care not only about their own income but also about the quality of products offered to the buyer. Entrepreneurs who organize the supply of products and goods for children care more about their services, which is why Umag is simply necessary.

The application will also help aspiring entrepreneurs who are only involved in one store but are planning to expand - users involved in the process of automatic reporting will gain not only experience but also confidence to conquer new horizons. With Umag, there is a high chance to grow from a small owner to a major businessman.

Umag is actively downloaded around the world, with an audience of over 500,000 users. It can't be said that these are all entrepreneurial individuals, as Umag is a universal solution to any problems related to tracking products, promoting them, and setting price categories for services.

  • Android version: Android 5.0+
  • Architecture: universal
  • Signature: f8b280f316e3bdee985ee2c8766634faf976f20d
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Permissions
    • android.permission.INTERNET
    • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
    • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
    • android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS
    • android.permission.AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS
    • android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS
    • android.permission.READ_SYNC_SETTINGS
    • android.permission.WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS
    • android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS
    • android.permission.CAMERA
    • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  • Supported languages
    Supported languages
    • isiZulu
    • 中文
    • Việt Nam
    • Ўзбек
    • اردو
    • українська мова
    • Türkçe
    • Wikang Tagalog
    • ไทย
    • తెలుగు
    • தமிழ்
    • Kiswahili
    • svenska
    • српски језик
    • Shqip
    • slovenski jezik
    • slovenčina
    • සිංහල
    • Русский
    • limba română
    • Português
    • język polski
    • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
    • ଓଡ଼ିଆ
    • nederlands
    • नेपाली
    • Norsk bokmål
    • ဗမာစာ
    • هاس ملايو‎
    • मराठी
    • Монгол хэл
    • മലയാളം
    • македонски јазик
    • latviešu valoda
    • lietuvių kalba
    • ພາສາ
    • Кыргызча
    • 한국어
    • ಕನ್ನಡ
    • ខេមរភាសា
    • қазақ тілі
    • ქართული
    • 日本語
    • Italiano
    • Íslenska
    • Indonesian
    • Հայերեն
    • magyar
    • hrvatski jezik
    • हिन्दी
    • עברית
    • ગુજરાતી
    • galego
    • Français
    • suomi
    • فارسی
    • euskara
    • eesti
    • Español
    • English
    • ελληνικά
    • Deutsch
    • dansk
    • čeština
    • català
    • bosanski jezik
    • বাংলা
    • български език
    • беларуская мова
    • azərbaycan dili
    • অসমীয়া
    • اللغة العربية
    • አማርኛ
    • Afrikaans
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