YouTube ReVanced


YouTube ReVanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that offers additional features like background playback, ad-free content, sponsor block, and much more. It is an adapted YouTube client that can be downloaded and installed for free on Android devices from our site.

Features and Capabilities

  • Allows for music playback in the background while using other apps.
  • Restores the "Dislike" button on YouTube
  • Provides the option to disable ads
  • Removes sponsored segments
  • Extended Download Button
  • Patches


  • YouTube ReVanced blocks all ads, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted viewing
  • Enables continuous video playback in the background while using other apps
  • Extended download button
  • Ability to download videos
  • Access to millions of music videos and tracks on YouTube Music without ads
  • Ability to watch exclusive YouTube movies and series such as Cobra Kai, Impulse, Liza on Demand, and others.


  • Unable to download videos in resolution higher than 480p
  • Occasional errors and crashes can occur. This is due to the lack of constant curation and sponsorship
  • The app is in development, so new problems may arise over time. New updates often contain various kinds of bugs.
  • Not available in some countries.

This service will allow you to enjoy watching an engaging range of diverse video materials in the best quality and without obvious restrictions. YouTube ReVanced is equipped with a number of unique features capable of making your leisure time significantly more comfortable.

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