Many men and women have appreciated the merits of the Fikfap app. It's akin to the Tik-Tok social network with short videos, designed for adult communication. The program can be downloaded for free from the appix360 website. Before installing such an app on your smartphone, remember that it features 18+ video content.

The app is popular in various countries around the globe and the number of people who have installed it on their smartphones is growing. Here, women and men post explicit videos, creating unique video content using the available tools. You can save your favorite videos to a favorites list or to specially created categories for easy access later.

Functionality and Features

The Fikfap application allows not only watching other people's videos but also shooting your own. You can give them an original design using a special set of tools:

  • filters;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • special effects;
  • video export.

The application provides access to streaming videos at a high frequency, so all videos can be watched in high resolution. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly find video content based on personal preferences. Fikfap has implemented a recommendation technology, so users will regularly see new videos in their feed based on previously chosen themes.

In addition to accessing 18+ marked proprietary videos, users have the opportunity to shoot their own video content, which they can then share with other visitors of the Fikfap network. For this purpose, they have access to extensive libraries, where videos are sorted by different genres. Here, one can find videos not only with ordinary people but also with celebrities who use Fikfap for their own promotion and to gain new followers for their accounts.


  • free app download;
  • large selection of explicit short videos in various genres;
  • opportunity to post your own video with corresponding content;
  • set of tools that allow creating suitable musical accompaniments for your video and original effects that attract users' attention.


  • Need to pay for access to extended functionality of the Fikfap app;
  • Potential use by underage users.

By downloading and installing Fikfap on their smartphone, users gain access to a popular Tik-Tok alternative in various countries, which hosts proprietary videos with 18+ content. Only adults can use such a social network, as it contains explicit scenes.

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