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Gig-work is a personalized application for users who work part-time or have a flexible schedule. The app helps freelancers estimate their energy levels for each workday and keep track of their earnings. Gig-work acts as an organizer, adjusting the schedule and selecting convenient working hours based on user information while taking care of energy conservation.

Gig-work can be downloaded for free from the verified safe resource APPIX360 in apk file format.

The app is in demand worldwide because 1 in 6 modern people prefers to work for themselves and control their income independently. Gig-work serves as a support for those who need assistance in self-employment — the app functions as a management tool that stimulates user activity and provides timely guidance on how to handle the work process.


  • Adding schedules in user-friendly forms (notes, calendar, list), the ability to plan events and make adjustments to workdays;
  • Salary verification based on financial calculations, automatic expense calculation, and creating a plan for future purchases (or anything else the user plans to allocate their salary to, such as tax payment);
  • Efficient payment and configuration management (automatic transfer to an electronic wallet, automated tax payment).

There is no need to worry about missing important events (notifications of obligations) — even if the system cannot calculate the tax amount for certain reasons, it will surely notify the user about the approaching tax deadline on time (for this, the app will require access to personal data and tax documents to fully perform assistant functions).

Who is it for

There are many professions in the field of self-employment. Gig-work is useful for beginners who are not yet confident in navigating these financial operations and reporting — the app works well with students who are looking for part-time jobs or have decided to switch to full-time self-employment. Gig-work is also in demand among housewives who want to have their own small income — manicurists, hairstylists, and babysitters speak positively about Gig-work. If the user does not want to personally manage their funds, the app is suitable for such cases with its automatic salary and tax calculations.

Choose Gig-work now — the modern world prefers remote work and full self-employment, so assistant apps will be indispensable pocket tools that not only keep track of wage history but also plan user workdays according to their energy levels. Gig-work will prevent users from overworking and burning out at their workplace as it solves various basic tasks.

  • Android version: 6.0
  • Architecture: arm64-v8a
  • Signature: 5582cef0481d5f954f269a8369964fbcbe72b186
  • Permissions
    • read the contents of your USB storage
    • receive data from Internet
    • full network access
    • prevent device from sleeping
    • view network connections
    • control vibration
  • Supported languages
    Supported languages
    • English (United States)
    • Afrikaans
    • Amharic
    • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
    • Arabic
    • Bengali (Bangladesh)
    • Bulgarian
    • Belarusian
    • Catalan
    • Czech (Czech Republic)
    • Danish (Denmark)
    • German (Germany)
    • Greek (Greece)
    • English (Australia)
    • English (Canada)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (India)
    • English (South Africa)
    • English (Singapore)
    • Spanish (Latin America)
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Estonian
    • Spanish (United States)
    • Basque (Spain)
    • Finnish (Finland)
    • Persian (Farsi)
    • Filipino
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • Croatian
    • Hindi (India)
    • Galician (Spain)
    • Hungarian (Hungary)
    • Armenian (Armenia)
    • Indonesian
    • Icelandic (Iceland)
    • Italian (Italy)
    • Hebrew (Israel)
    • Japanese (Japan)
    • Georgian (Georgia)
    • Kazakh
    • Khmer (Cambodia)
    • Kannada (India)
    • Korean (South Korea)
    • Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
    • Lithuanian
    • Lao (Laos)
    • Macedonian (North Macedonia)
    • Latvian
    • Malayalam (India)
    • Marathi (India)
    • Malay
    • Mongolian (Mongolia)
    • Burmese (Myanmar)
    • Nepali (Nepal)
    • Norwegian (Norway)
    • Dutch (Netherlands)
    • Polish (Poland)
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Portuguese (Portugal)
    • Romanian
    • Russian (Russia)
    • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
    • Slovenian
    • Slovak
    • Serbian
    • Swahili
    • Swedish (Sweden)
    • Tamil (India)
    • Telugu (India)
    • Turkish (Turkey)
    • Thai
    • Ukrainian
    • Vietnamese
    • Chinese (Simplified, China)
    • Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong)
    • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
    • Zulu
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