The Spotify app is a music server available nearly worldwide. Its catalog boasts over fifty million songs and 4 billion playlists. The app functions seamlessly not only on phones, but also on stereo systems and TVs. You can download this app for free on your Android from our website.

Functionality and Features

  • Spotify's main "highlight," which everyone rushes to download for, is not just its musical variety, but also its automatic "smart" algorithms for selecting tracks. You can activate the "Non-stop Music" feature in the settings: when the playlist ends, the system will independently select the most similar songs. Additionally, the app includes playlists curated by musicians according to their taste.
  • New releases and so-called "daily mixes" – playlists already sorted by genre – appear every week. Experienced users can enjoy the best compilations for specific years. Listening to these can be so pleasant, immersing oneself in the memories and emotions associated with each track.
  • Upon launching the app, the main page opens automatically. It contains several tabs: recent listening, personal and curated selections. In the settings, you can "play around" with music quality (from 160 kbps to 320) and set the volume limit. An important bonus for drivers is the integration of Google Maps.


  • personalized radio stations based on personal preferences (artificial intelligence monitors the likes you've given);
  • convenient implementation of synchronization;
  • you can start a track on one device and continue on another without needing to rewind to "that moment";
  • music played on a PC can easily be controlled from a smartphone;
  • fine-tuning of recommendations;
  • charts from different countries;
  • the "New Music Radar" lacks remixes (it actually only features new songs);
  • uses the Ogg Vorbis file format;
  • the app can be used for free.


  • advertising inserts;
  • absence of podcasts in some versions;
  • no option to download tracks;
  • the system limits skipping to no more than six songs per hour;
  • unable to select the highest quality.

Even if a user decides to subscribe to a paid package, they won't be charged a subscription fee for the first 3 months. Additionally, there is a flexible discount system in place (for example, for students or families with children).

The main functions of all streaming services appeared on Spotify earlier than its competitors. Here, the user interface is simpler and more convenient. Over the years, the music service has accumulated a huge library, the contents of which continue to grow.

  • Android version: 5
  • Content rating: 12+
  • Permissions
    • view Wi-Fi connections
    • read phone status and identity
    • read the contents of your USB storage
    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    • receive data from Internet
    • control vibration
    • view network connections
    • allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception
    • control Near Field Communication
    • pair with Bluetooth devices
    • send sticky broadcast
    • install shortcuts
    • access Bluetooth settings
    • change your audio settings
    • prevent device from sleeping
    • run at startup
    • full network access
    • use accounts on the device
    • change network connectivity
  • Supported languages
    Supported languages
    • English (United States)
    • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
    • Amharic
    • Afrikaans
    • Arabic
    • Belarusian
    • Bulgarian
    • Bengali (Bangladesh)
    • Catalan
    • Czech (Czech Republic)
    • Danish (Denmark)
    • German (Germany)
    • Greek (Greece)
    • English (Australia)
    • English (Canada)
    • English (India)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (Singapore)
    • English (South Africa)
    • Spanish (Latin America)
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Spanish (United States)
    • Estonian
    • Basque (Spain)
    • Persian (Farsi)
    • Finnish (Finland)
    • Filipino
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • Galician (Spain)
    • Hindi (India)
    • Croatian
    • Hungarian (Hungary)
    • Armenian (Armenia)
    • Indonesian
    • Icelandic (Iceland)
    • Italian (Italy)
    • Japanese (Japan)
    • Hebrew (Israel)
    • Georgian (Georgia)
    • Kazakh
    • Kannada (India)
    • Khmer (Cambodia)
    • Korean (South Korea)
    • Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
    • Lao (Laos)
    • Lithuanian
    • Latvian
    • Malayalam (India)
    • Macedonian (North Macedonia)
    • Mongolian (Mongolia)
    • Marathi (India)
    • Malay
    • Dutch (Netherlands)
    • Nepali (Nepal)
    • Burmese (Myanmar)
    • Polish (Poland)
    • Norwegian (Norway)
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Portuguese (Portugal)
    • Romanian
    • Russian (Russia)
    • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
    • Slovak
    • Slovenian
    • Serbian
    • Swedish (Sweden)
    • Swahili
    • Tamil (India)
    • Telugu (India)
    • Thai
    • Ukrainian
    • Turkish (Turkey)
    • Vietnamese
    • Chinese (Simplified, China)
    • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
    • Zulu
    • Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong)
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