FRP Bypass


FRP Bypass is an application developed in conjunction with Google, designed to bypass account activation by logging into an Android device. This privilege has become available due to the increasing incidents of hacker attacks and spam. FRP Bypass can be downloaded for free from our website in apk file format.

Functionality and Features

FRP Bypass provides a simplified way to protect a smartphone's factory settings from the harmful effects of hacker attacks through Google, as well as updates that may be incompatible with the current device. Its functions allow for the resetting of phone settings and the protection of user data from leaks. Another useful feature is the bypassing of security protocols when a user needs to recover data on their own smartphone (for example, after regular hacker attacks or a settings reset).

FRP Bypass's capabilities don't just stop at protecting the smartphone; the application can also bypass factory restrictions set by system developers (methods used for device upgrades), and unlock complex codes installed on the smartphone in cases where certain applications were protected.


  • using the application is completely free and maximally safe, the Android system isn’t at risk of crashing due to interference with its structure;
  • the application interface is extremely clear, with no unnecessary options, thereby eliminating the possibility of accidentally enabling extra functions;
  • the application is compatible with a wide range of Android-based devices, eliminating the need to download additional utilities;
  • the high security level of this program protects the user from the leakage of their personal data, FRP Bypass does not request passwords or contact information;
  • in case of any disputes, the user can always contact technical support.


  • the direct use of the application is complex and requires intense concentration, as the essence of the app’s function is a complete reboot of the entire program;
  • FRP Bypass only supports English, so it may be difficult for users from other countries to use such a serious application for working on the device;
  • antivirus programs on the smartphone typically consider the presence of FRP Bypass as a threat sign, so "crashes" may occur while working with the application;
  • before downloading the application, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with the instructions for performing the reset process, as it differs across devices.

FRP Bypass is a serious application for responsible software intrusion into a smartphone’s core, so it is recommended for use by those who have repeatedly performed similar software operations, to avoid damaging the system.

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