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Yandex Mail on Android is an app from Yandex's mobile mail service, designed to simplify its use from a phone, bypassing the browser. It's one of the most popular mail services, and its mobile app for Android offers a multitude of features and possibilities.

Functionality and Features

  • First and foremost, it boasts a convenient and intuitive interface. The app has a clean and minimalist design, making it easy to use even for new users.
  • A key feature is the ability to add multiple mailboxes at once. This allows the user to manage several email addresses without the need to switch between different apps. Notifications arrive marked, indicating exactly which mailbox has received a message.
  • The Yandex Mail app on Android provides a convenient way to organize mail, customizing it to fit individual needs. Here, one can create folders to sort messages, mark important messages, add filters for automatic sorting of incoming messages, and much more. It also offers the ability to search through all emails using various parameters.
  • If desired, notifications can be personalized to always receive the latest information without the need to manually check the mail. Meanwhile, irrelevant notifications can be turned off to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Yandex Mail also ensures the secure protection of user data. All messages and attachments are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Furthermore, the Yandex Mail mobile app is integrated with other Yandex services such as Calendar, Notes, Disk, and others. This allows for automatic synchronization and exchange of data between different Yandex apps.


  • simple interface, understandable even for beginners;
  • convenient and intuitive navigation;
  • quick reception and sending of emails;
  • the ability to add multiple accounts and switch between them;
  • the capability to send messages with attachments;
  • integration with Yandex's cloud storage, Disk, facilitating easy sending and receiving of files;
  • efficient email search;
  • large amount of free storage space for mail – it is possible to keep many messages and attachments for a long time without the need to constantly delete old emails;
  • reliable protection against spam and viruses – high level of security through automatic blocking of potentially dangerous messages and malicious attachments;
  • protection of personal information via encryption protocol.


  • the top menu takes up a lot of screen space, reducing the usable work area;
  • absence of a function to disable synchronization, which can cause issues when using mobile internet;
  • some users report non-working notifications about new messages;
  • potential malfunctions when working with emails, requiring the application to be restarted;
  • lack of ability to send messages to contact groups, which can be inconvenient when distributing information to a large number of addresses;
  • advertisements in the app
  • inability to connect mailboxes from other mail services without restrictions.

Overall, Yandex Mail on Android is a convenient tool for managing mailboxes with a great number of useful functions and integration with other Yandex services. On our site, you can download the free APK file of the Yandex Mail app for Android.

  • Android version: 7.0
  • Content rating: 3+
  • Permissions
    • view Wi-Fi connections
    • directly call phone numbers
    • read phone status and identity
    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    • read the contents of your USB storage
    • download files without notification
    • read sync statistics
    • Send download notifications.
    • receive data from Internet
    • read sync settings
    • control flashlight
    • draw over other apps
    • prevent device from sleeping
    • use accounts on the device
    • install shortcuts
    • toggle sync on and off
    • full network access
    • set an alarm
    • change your audio settings
    • run at startup
    • view network connections
    • pair with Bluetooth devices
    • create accounts and set passwords
    • control vibration
  • Supported languages
    Supported languages
    • English (United States)
    • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
    • Amharic
    • Afrikaans
    • Arabic
    • Belarusian
    • Bulgarian
    • Bengali (Bangladesh)
    • Catalan
    • Czech (Czech Republic)
    • Danish (Denmark)
    • German (Germany)
    • Greek (Greece)
    • English (Australia)
    • English (Canada)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (India)
    • English (Singapore)
    • English (South Africa)
    • Spanish (Latin America)
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Spanish (United States)
    • Estonian
    • Persian (Farsi)
    • Basque (Spain)
    • Finnish (Finland)
    • Filipino
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • Galician (Spain)
    • Hindi (India)
    • Croatian
    • Hungarian (Hungary)
    • Armenian (Armenia)
    • Indonesian
    • Icelandic (Iceland)
    • Italian (Italy)
    • Japanese (Japan)
    • Hebrew (Israel)
    • Georgian (Georgia)
    • Kazakh
    • Khmer (Cambodia)
    • Kannada (India)
    • Korean (South Korea)
    • Lao (Laos)
    • Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
    • Lithuanian
    • Latvian
    • Macedonian (North Macedonia)
    • Mongolian (Mongolia)
    • Malayalam (India)
    • Marathi (India)
    • Malay
    • Burmese (Myanmar)
    • Nepali (Nepal)
    • Dutch (Netherlands)
    • Norwegian (Norway)
    • Polish (Poland)
    • Portuguese (Portugal)
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Romanian
    • Russian (Russia)
    • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
    • Slovak
    • Slovenian
    • Serbian
    • Swedish (Sweden)
    • Telugu (India)
    • Swahili
    • Tamil (India)
    • Thai
    • Turkish (Turkey)
    • Ukrainian
    • Vietnamese
    • Chinese (Simplified, China)
    • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
    • Zulu
    • Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong)
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