"Pinduoduo" is a mobile application that gives users access to Chinese goods at very attractive prices. This software product belongs to a major online store. It is aimed at the domestic Chinese market and rivals the convenience and practicality of more popular internet platforms such as "Amazon" and "AliExpress". The Pinduoduo 6.95.0 APK app can be downloaded for free on our site.

Functionality and Features

"Pinduoduo" features a simple interface - all products are distributed across thematic categories, making it easy to select goods and place your orders.

The app is available only in Chinese, so for a better understanding of the interface, it is recommended to use an online translator, as the menu is in Chinese characters, and the prices are indicated in yuan.

After registration, the user is taken to the home page, where a search bar is displayed at the top.

Product searches can be conducted:

  • via the camera icon next to the search bar - this is a very convenient function for searching for a product by photo. To use this feature, you will need to grant permission to access your photos on your smartphone;
  • by the product name - by entering its name in Chinese in the search bar;
  • by individual categories - by entering their name or on the home page, where various product categories recommended for you, based on your views and oriented towards your interests, will appear over time.

In the bottom menu of the homepage, from left to right, are:

  • The "broadcast" icon - it's the most popular way today for Chinese sellers to demonstrate products "live". There, you can get good discounts and coupons, often stumble upon prize draws. You also have the opportunity to ask your questions about the chosen product directly to the seller or get a demonstration of the features you're interested in in real time.
  • The "hot deals feed" icon - convenient and quick search for Chinese goods being sold with maximum discounts.
  • The "messenger" icon - a service for internal messaging with suppliers or other buyers participating in a joint purchase.
  • The "personal account" icon, where your data is listed.
  • Users can manage the size of discounts on the price themselves by forming groups for joint purchases.
  • On "Pinduoduo," there are promotions and a loyalty system for accumulating points, which can be used later to pay for your future orders.
  • The platform offers only quality goods, as it cooperates with verified and reliable suppliers.
  • The app's user-friendly interface helps quickly find the needed goods.


  1. The possibility of making group purchases, which significantly reduces the cost of goods.
  2. Integration of the program with WeChat.
  3. Constant possibility of receiving discount coupons for purchases.
  4. Regular holding of various contests and draws.
  5. The platform offers the opportunity to purchase excellent quality products with colossal discounts, not found on similar Chinese marketplaces.


  1. The "Pinduoduo" platform does not take responsibility for the quality of products.
  2. It is exclusively oriented towards operating within China.
  3. The app interface is only available in Chinese, and the prices are only in yuan.
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