SOVA V RE is a modified version of the VKontakte app, which is a popular social network in some CIS countries. The SOVA V RE app offers some additional features, such as an invisibility mode, an unread messages mode, and much more. To start using the app right now, simply download the free apk file from our site.

Functionality and Features

  • Users have the ability to download music directly to their device. This allows users to listen to their favorite tracks through their preferred music player, not just through the VK app.
  • The "recommended interlocutors" function offers users potential conversation partners. Some users have reported issues with reactivating this feature after disabling it.
  • Users can customize text settings within the app, including changing the font size.
  • The app is regularly updated, with new versions released quite often, fixing various interface bugs.


  • SOVA V RE is an excellent modification of the VKontakte client, providing anonymity and a new design.
  • The app offers the ability to cache audio recordings, allowing users to listen to their favorite tracks for free.
  • The "Invisible" and partial "Unread" functions allow users to remain unnoticed when viewing messages and stories.
  • SOVA V RE offers a news feed without annoying ads.
  • The app offers a multitude of interesting settings and features.
  • Users can enjoy the app without ads.


  • Some users have reported issues with the interlocutor function, which turns back on after being disabled.
  • The SOVA V RE app is developed only for Android devices and is not available in the Google Play app store.
  • SOVA V RE is an unofficial VKontakte client, which may cause security and support issues.
  • The app does not always update in accordance with the latest VKontakte updates.

SOVA V RE is a modification of the VKontakte social network, based on the latest client versions. It has gained popularity among users thanks to its unique capabilities and functions. This social network "VKontakte" is the most popular in the territory of the CIS countries with a multimillion-user audience. However, a considerable user base finds its functionality too limited. From these premises, the popularity of SOVA V RE is understandable and rational since the modification does not require additional monetization and payment from its users.

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