Sex Stickers


Sex Stickers is an app offering a collection of original stickers, both animated and static, intended for Whatsapp users aged 18+. The app is free and downloadable in apk format. After downloading the app, you will be able to send funny and spicy adult stickers to your friends. To use the app, select the sticker packs you like and download them with just one tap. That's it. Now you can amuse your friends and acquaintances by adding cool adult stickers to the conversation.

Functionality and Features

The stickers from this app are most suitable for users who are 18 years of age and older, as many of these images are quite risqué. In this app, you will find a selection of English sticker packs available in a wide variety. The Sex Stickers for Whatsapp app will lift your mood and bring fun and edginess to your Whatsapp chats. Funny, original, and daring stickers will be appreciated by friends and family. The main thing is to have a sense of humor! Install the apk file and start using the app now. Many users have already downloaded Sex Stickers from the appix360 website. The distribution of Sex Stickers is completely free in the apk extension.

The Sex Stickers app for Whatsapp offers 2 sticker packs:

  • 40 stickers that can move.
  • 40 regular, stationary stickers.

Don't be afraid to send spicy fun messages, using provocative personalized stickers.

Make your choice in favor of the pack of stickers you like and use the app. Downloading happens with one tap. Then, entertain your friends and family, lifting the mood for yourself and your loved ones. Spice up your Whatsapp chats with daring and sharpness.


  • ease of use;
  • no abundance of intrusive ads;
  • large number of stickers - both animated and static;
  • the app is completely free;
  • no need for localization to use;
  • the app is compatible with most Android mobile device antivirus programs and does not conflict with them;
  • takes up not very much space on the device;
  • Sex Stickers supports many world languages; in the "Additional information" section you can see all the languages supported in Sex Stickers.


  • the app is only intended for users over 18 years of age, though no age verification is required to download.

Sex Stickers requires approximately 23.8 MB of storage space. You can download the program and successfully install Sex Stickers at a high speed.

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