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Play On is a lifestyle application from the developer PlayOnbr, available for free on the Android platform. The program is free and user-friendly, which makes it very popular among many users. The Play On app assists in managing your personal time, thereby making it easier to meet all your deadlines upon installation. You can download it for free from our website.

Features and Capabilities

Thanks to the application, users can create and customize their own schedule, set reminders, and track their achievements. It also includes a valuable feature for recording water intake and maintaining hydration throughout the day. Additionally, the app incorporates a timer and stopwatch, tracking workouts and other activities. Play On is an invention for active people wanting to move forward and not stand still. The application will help you achieve such goals.

The timer and stopwatch that aid in tracking workouts are among the additional functions of the Play On application. If your life goal is to keep moving toward your set goal without deviation, then this simple and effective application is just for you!

Lists and boards are displayed, with filters for statuses and a search by dates. Apparently, the company decided to take up the challenge, packing the look of boards into a smartphone screen. It turned out to be a successful endeavor - users have access to viewing the same tasks, spread out across boards, from a planner on Android. One screen - one column of the board. The attributes of task cards are identical to those provided for web versions: comments, priorities, labels, and attachments. Now users have numerous possibilities, namely:

  • Creating projects for every area of life: study, work, sports activities, hobbies.
  • Kanban boards. It's possible to create several boards, sequentially organizing your plans into columns.
  • Planning tasks. By laying out your life in projects, you can create tasks with a date for the day so as not to forget about your plans.
  • Tracking the calendar for the week and month.
  • Making shopping lists for stores.
  • Receiving notifications on social media accounts - Telegram, VK, Slack, as well as email.
  • Rating the completion of your tasks.


  • beautiful interface;
  • easy setup;
  • the ability to detail tasks and any area of life;
  • flexible notifications;
  • checklists.


  • no time blocking - you can only estimate how long it will take to complete a particular task on your own.

Thus, the advantages of this application are worth downloading the apk and starting to plan your life more efficiently.

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