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360 Root on Android is an application that allows for the automatic unlocking of administrative rights. Once access to developer functions is granted, users can study, adjust, and configure Android settings. Without this utility, doing so is impossible as some features are hidden from the user menu. Root rights can be unlocked by anyone on their phone. However, the available features may vary depending on the operating system version. The program accomplishes the set task with one hundred percent success. It can be downloaded for free on Android from our site.

Functionality and Features

The primary purpose of the application is to grant root access on modern gadgets. The procedure becomes available immediately after the application is launched for the first time. On the surface, it is just one button that opens up many opportunities.

Root is issued randomly, depending on access to the phone's applications. In practice, the procedure usually succeeds, but sometimes an error may occur. This indicates that the specific phone is not supported. On the start page, there is detailed information about the device, statistics on other users obtaining root rights, and several points specifically for this at the bottom of the screen.

One of the application's features is to clean the phone from accumulated junk and unnecessary files. In the main menu, there is a section named "Clean". After launching, an automatic analysis of the smartphone’s memory begins. After the analysis, a clear button appears in the center; clicking on it is enough.

Less important, yet still noteworthy features include a messaging system, temporary freezing of programs, and more. Thanks to these options, it's possible to reduce the amount of software used for optimizing the device.

The last section is the application settings. This mainly concerns updating the software. This parameter allows controlling the operation of certain notifications, periodically popping up windows, and much more.

The program has its own notification system. You can customize their display on the screen, including during lock time, at your discretion. Notifications can be sound-based. Guidance on setting can be viewed without an internet connection, in offline mode.


  • Additional downloads. Auxiliary applications can be downloaded from the library.
  • Many additional functions are available by default.
  • Support for different Android versions, including old ones.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • The ability to quickly obtain user rights.


  • A small number of settings;
  • Issues with obtaining root on some devices.

The main difference between 360 Root and its competitors' programs is the support for various devices running on the Android operating system. According to official data, the driver database includes more than 20000 models. This encompasses not only leading global brands but also lesser-known companies.

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