Applications significantly expand the functionality of any operating system. Specifically for Android, a considerable number of applications have been and are being developed, facilitated by the open architecture of this OS.

The purpose of applications is clear a priori - reducing vulnerability and expanding the functionality of mobile devices. Topxs+, developed by digitools, is one of the most popular, constantly updated applications. Its capabilities are truly expansive.

Functionality and Capabilities of Topxs+

Topxs+ is a new utility application that extends the functionality of the Android operating system. It not only enhances performance but also makes the system less vulnerable, to some extent – completely impervious to viruses. Among its primary functions, three are particularly important:

  • Accelerator function - OS optimization, safely and quickly enhancing performance, with acceleration achieved by closing background programs and clearing cache;
  • File sharing - enabling this function allows for direct file exchange, bypassing cables and cloud storage;
  • Scanner - meticulous and timely device scanning for viruses, ensuring its safety;
  • Battery saver - a function that affects the battery's long-term durability, thereby extending its life.

In general, the functionality of Topxs+ on Android is straightforward. The application makes the device more efficient, and its usage safe. However, every development has its pros and cons. Topxs+ on Android is no exception.


  • The application is thoroughly tested for viruses and does not pose a threat to mobile devices.
  • Compatible with Android 5.0+.
  • Supported in various languages (in total, more than fifteen).
  • Occupies only 19.3 MB.
  • Available for download are not only the new but also the old versions.
  • Topxs+ APK can be downloaded for free.


  • Lack of memory on the smartphone will not allow the application to be installed. This “con” can be mitigated by clearing the memory of your smartphone.
  • The application is not compatible with all devices, only with Android 5.0+. On one hand, this is a limitation, on the other – few people now use older versions of Android.
  • Poor network connection – another factor hindering the application's installation on a smartphone.

Thus, the drawbacks are mostly due to the inability to install Topxs+ on a mobile device. Other aspects highlight its advantages. Among active users, this application is recognized as ideal - both in terms of functionality and security.

This application has been rated by a large number of users and holds top positions in the rankings. Importantly, Topxs+ APK on Android is a free application. Its latest version is presented on our website. The application can be downloaded from our site Appix36.

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