OTT Navigator IPTV


OTT Navigator IPTV is a fast and free way to watch your favorite channels anywhere without the need for a TV. The app is a multifunctional IPTV player for Android, which allows you to watch any movies and series in excellent quality, as well as catch premieres successfully. You can download it on our website.

Functionality and Features

OTT Navigator IPTV offers a significant array of functions that are available absolutely for free:

  • Playback of files from the local network using an external player is carried out seamlessly even with a weak connection.
  • Support for M3U playlists.
  • The interface is not only extremely user-friendly, but it also has many settings for customizing the application according to personal preferences (there is an option to adjust colors, fonts, and channel display on the screen).
  • Quick download of any movie or several episodes of a series, which are sorted into separate folders. The folders themselves can be renamed and sorted.
  • The application's optimization is top-notch — in case of a malfunction, the system quickly restarts and does not lose the material that the user was viewing.
  • OTT Navigator IPTV can be installed not only on a smartphone but also on a PC (with Windows version 10 and above).

Additionally, it is important to remember that OTT Navigator IPTV operates from an apk file, which needs to be unpacked after downloading. Probably, the developers did this so that the application takes up less memory space and does not crash when loading large files.


  • support for various channel categories;
  • channel grouping by different directions (genres, ratings, favorites);
  • favorite channels are displayed at the beginning of the list, so the user does not lose access to them;
  • the ability to add up to a hundred playlists with unlimited download volume;
  • the possibility of connecting automatic start of the last channel upon application launch;
  • customizable separate window mode;
  • adjustment of playback speed and picture quality;
  • availability of parental control;
  • unlimited access to the video archive;
  • studio mode allows watching up to 9 videos simultaneously;
  • timely notifications about scheduled broadcasts.


  • the application interface is only available in English and Ukrainian;
  • OTT Navigator IPTV initially contains no content, and to view, it's necessary to upload channels from a user's provider or find free sources to watch online;
  • annoying pop-up ads can interrupt pleasant viewing (up to five times during an hour of viewing).

OTT Navigator IPTV has a large fan base around the world, with 500,000 users having utilized the application by the end of 2023. As developed as this free player is, it still has room to grow, but the functionality it already possesses wins over even the most discerning user.

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