APKCombo is an app that acts as an installer for Android, allowing for the installation of various APK files and their quick unpacking. APKCombo enables you to download any content for free and unpack it within seconds - making it suitable for those who download multiple files at once in the same format. You can download this useful application from our site for free.

Features and Capabilities

APKCombo comes with all the basic functions and built-in settings for an installer program:

  • Successful work with files of various formats (XAPK, APKM, APKS, ZIP, OBB).
  • Circumventing the block of applications that have disappeared from Google Play, for their quick installation on the device.
  • Exporting already installed programs that have split files.
  • Customizable automatic unpacking of received files.

This modern installer supports both small lightweight apps and games up to 1 GB, easily installing the necessary files.


  • Using APKCombo is absolutely free, requires no additional subscriptions, and there are no annoying popup ads;
  • The minimalist interface is simple and translated into several languages;
  • Installs apps that are not on Google Play, gathering information from reliable websites (includes a built-in minimal virus check when downloading apps);
  • Fast file download and equally swift unpacking;
  • Downloads can be paused temporarily and easily resumed manually;
  • Installs apps with regional restrictions;
  • Installed apps can be exported almost immediately;
  • APKCombo can operate in the smartphone's sleep mode, without interrupting downloads;
  • Automatic program updates contribute to the downloading of additional elements and the improvement of basic indicators;
  • Possibility to contact technical support through the official website;
  • Automatic resumption of downloads is allowed in case of poor connectivity.


  • APKCombo installs only those files chosen by the user, so there's no guarantee that they will work on their device;
  • By default, APKCombo moves downloads into the smartphone’s file system, creating a separate automatic app folder, which an inexperienced user often may not always find;
  • To use APKCombo, it needs to be added to the list of "bypassing" programs if there is antivirus software on the device (typically, it marks APKCombo as a suspicious element and disrupts its functioning);
  • There is no audible notification of the download's completion if it happens in automatic mode.

APKCombo is an essential utility in the face of constant sanctions and blockages of various apps. With APKCombo, you can download any apps and comfortably use them even without anonymizers — the program installs apps with basic functionality regardless of the device's location.

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