UrleBird — an Android app for fans of the popular social network TikTok. Browse videos and freely download your favorite content to your mobile devices. Explore trends and promote your account with advanced analytics features.

Features and Opportunities

The UrleBird mobile app provides access to media content from the popular social network. It also includes additional features that open up more opportunities for account promotion. Thanks to detailed analytics and data, you can analyze which content is most popular and consider identified trends when creating new videos.

On the main page, videos published in the last few days are displayed. The most popular videos, which have garnered many reactions, are placed in a separate section. Browse media content and analyze statistics. Use the section with popular hashtags and music.

You can explore other users' concepts to base your own ideas on. Also, you can download liked videos to your device to watch them anytime you like or share them with friends.

The app includes a built-in download manager that allows changing the speed and order of downloads. It also supports the feature of searching for a video by pasting a link. Simply copy the video URL (for instance, from a chat or a browser), then paste it into the search field and immediately proceed to view or download the needed video content.


  • viewing videos from the popular network TikTok;
  • reading comments, viewing the number of likes, and other information on posts;
  • quick search for needed content;
  • convenient navigation, popular videos in a separate section;
  • easy downloading of media content;
  • regular database updates;
  • smooth viewing thanks to fast servers;
  • search and download video by direct link;
  • link click statistics;
  • efficient traffic analysis;
  • conversion of bulky URLs into more compact links;
  • analytics of the effectiveness of posted links;
  • download manager.

The UrleBird feed is constantly updated, so you always have access to fresh content, just like in the official TikTok app. The program offers free access to media content without needing to register or create a personal account.


  • access to TikTok videos without any restrictions;
  • always fresh content, regularly updated feed;
  • intuitive interface;
  • analysis of trends, more opportunities for channel development;
  • downloading liked videos to mobile devices;
  • open access without registration;
  • free app usage, free downloading of videos;
  • most popular hashtags and music in separate sections;
  • compatibility with current Android versions.


  • some users report problems with loading video thumbnails when connected to a home network.

You can download the UrleBird app for Android for free here. Download the APK installation file, open it on your device, wait for the installation — and gain access to your favorite TikTok content without any restrictions.

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