RedTube (18+)


RedTube (18+) - a mobile application that allows viewing of short adult category videos. All videos in the app feature consistently high quality. It enables free viewing of short-duration, high-quality erotic clips. Viewing without registration is possible. You can download the app from our website in apk format.

Functionality and Features

RedTube is a major American adult portal, ranking among the top 100 most popular websites worldwide according to Alexa Internet. Its offices are located in Houston, with some servers also in New Orleans and San Francisco. In 2013, the site was purchased by MindGeek, which announced its merger with this portal.

RedTube (18+) for Android is the official app for mobile devices. It includes streaming capability, allowing quick and easy downloading of any video. It also features a child lock function, ensuring all information is kept in absolute secrecy. Thanks to the "Favorites" tab, it's possible to create multiple playlists where you can save liked videos at any time. This application contains exclusively adult content. Its installation by children is not permitted. During registration, it is important to provide accurate age information, otherwise, there may be additional problems using the app's functionality.


  • quick video uploads;
  • high-quality imagery;
  • ability to view clips for an unlimited time;
  • ability to download any videos to your own device;
  • availability of the program for both Android and iOS;
  • ability to stream favorite clips anywhere without any buffering or other technical issues.


  • there is a possibility of downloading by underage users;
  • content is restricted for viewing in some countries

Users note that the videos on RedTube are distinguished by impressive recording quality. The speed of loading is unrestricted, allowing videos to be viewed 24/7.

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