Body scanner (prank) 18+


This app will appeal to those who love pranks and having fun with friends and acquaintances. Undress anyone and snap a photo that is sure to entertain. A large gallery of topless photos, overlay zooming, and many other features are available to users. The app can be downloaded for free from the appix360 website. It is supported by the Android operating system.

The app can be downloaded for free from the appix360 website. It is supported by the Android operating system.

Features and Capabilities

The app can be downloaded for free on Android. Dedicated to all those who love to peek and joke around. Why not have some fun and do something you've never done before? The app is a playful simulation of a human body scanner. It’s fun, and with it, you can become the joker wherever you are, at a party, visiting friends, and so on.

Any user can prank their acquaintances using their cell phone camera. Just take a photo of anyone, and then start having fun. Of course, the resulting image won't be real, as it is a joke X-ray, after all. However, it’s enough to have a good laugh and joke around.

The program can be used by those over 18 years old; it's a joke, but still not for children. Pornographic content is absent, but there is a hint of eroticism. Turn on your phone camera, aim it at a person and see what's hidden under their clothes. It’s a spicy amusement, liked by those who enjoy mischief.

The app somewhat resembles a graphic editor, with different layer systems. The program incorporates many algorithms that allow analyzing the body, accurately defining its contour, and overlaying another, naked body, torso, or something else. The database contains male and female bodies. As the utility updates, new, more interesting and attractive models appear in the list.

The program has several operating modes. The first option – the phone camera is activated, creating an immediate snapshot. It allows for a quick joke. The second option – a photo previously taken from the phone's gallery is chosen. Then, use the editor to overlay the desired body. The result is saved on the cell phone and can be sent to friends as a joke.


  • New algorithms. Built-in functions instantly recognize the body and offer options for pranks.
  • Simple, understandable interface. The set of functions is small but sufficient.
  • Several modes of operation.
  • Large database. The gallery database includes both female and male bodies, among which you can choose the desired one.
  • Lack of need for internet. To use the program, there’s no need for an internet connection on the phone.


  • Advertising videos during utility usage;
  • Paid version for using the full functionality.

The Body scanner (prank) app is suitable for fun entertainment, but it should not be taken seriously.

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